Co-Author Page

From the co-author's seat, er pillow

Hello cat-loving public. 
My human family calls me Annie, because I am, strictly speaking, an orphan. My birth mother died when I was just a kitten and I never knew my father. 
Virginia and I have been together a long while. I met her several years ago when we lived in another very interesting house. (I'll tell you about that one later.) I was just a kitten at the time, with a severe case of lactose intolerance, but I won't go into that. It's just not a ladylike topic...

I have had a good life with Virginia and her family. They take me places that I like, they give me warm places to curl up in and they take good care of my health. The small child I have grown up with acts more like my mother these days, and she could learn to give me Temptations treats more often, but overall I think she's alright. 
So Virginia (Mom) does take my advice from time to time, but  you'll come to notice that she tends to be a bit thin on description when it comes to the cats in her books. 
Yes, I did say "books". She's writing another one, didn't I tell you? I figure prominently in that one of course, because I lived with her then. It was a wild ride for a cat. You see, cats can't quite tell the difference between a real living human being and one who's already, shall we say "passed on". They all look quite the same, you see, so it makes things very confusing when you don't know which one to listen to. 

This is the real reason why I choose not to listen to you humans at all. 

Oh, I know, you humans think you're so unique, and I hate to burst your bubble, but to us cats, there really isn't much difference in your appearance, so we don't rely on that to sort it out.

What we rely on are our senses. This is one of the reasons I found it so challenging to live in that last house. It was a sensory nightmare... nasty experience, but I'll let her tell it to you when she's ready. 

In the meantime, I understand that she's given you the first chapter of Hauntingly Familiar to read. Do you like the title? It was my idea. Came to me one day while I was laundering my left leg. 
I sat bolt upright, (which got Virginia's attention very well) and said to myself, "Aha!" (Or something similar to that, I'm not a computer after all) 
Virginia will tell you it came out like "mee-ow" which is very insulting, but I've learned to tolerate her, as I understand that she doesn't speak cat very well. 
So after dutifully boxing her left ear until she listened to me properly, she used my suggestion.  It made sense to me that it should reflect the fact that Bobby was her first ghost, and consequently, the most familiar. Hence, "Hauntingly Familiar".  
I know she's going to take credit (don't they all?) but I think it's important that you know where the ideas come from. 
I let her do most of the writing, as cat paws were never intended for the keyboard and besides, I can't be bothered to stay awake for long periods like she does when she gets "in the zone". 

Well, that's enough for me. Maybe you'll hear from me again. I'll have to think about it. Virginia told me there are other famous co-author cats who "blog" all the time, but what do I care for fame? In the meantime, you might find this photo amusing. That small cat in the picture is the large problem I have to deal with on a daily basis. Now you know why I'm so tired all the time...