Nov 11, 2013

Comments from other readers include:
Really enjoyed the book, stayed up reading till 3:00 in the morning 2 two nights in a row! - Brenda

And another reader on Vancouver Island messaged me with the following: 
I could have sold 3 of your books in the last 2 days......If you can get me five copies, I can sell them for sure!! -Diane 
One of her friends also commented:  I had a really hard time to put it down. Ha ha! Can't wait for your next book!!!!

I am hearing this so often now that I am pursuing new ways to get the book into stores so all of you can get your hands on this book a lot easier! 

Remember, it's available everywhere e-books are sold, and to get a paperback copy, just message me on Facebook, or contact me via e-mail at . You can also order it through 

Many Thanks!
What are people saying about Hauntingly Familiar?
Here is a recent review, shared with permission:
WOW where do I begin? First of all I am not a hard core reader , a book has to catch my attention
and your book did that!  I could not put it down, so well written. I can really empathize with Bobby and John being stuck there and not be able to cross over; spirits need our help when they are ready to cross over .

Much love to all that need our help!   Joan