About Hauntingly Familiar

Here's a brief snippet:

Six-year-old Bobby never knew what hit him. One moment, he was chasing his new puppy out the front door of his family home and the next thing he knew, his world had changed.

Where were his parents? Where were all his toys? Who were these people living in his house? And worst of all, who was the terrifying man with the black coat? He watched Bobby all the time, never saying a word... what did he want? Why was he so angry?

Determined to find answers, Bobby attaches himself to the only person who seems to pay any attention to him. The girl who now sleeps in his bedroom. Together, they build an awkward friendship out of blind faith, and embark on a paranormal journey that begs an answer to the question: What happens when we die?

The events described in Hauntingly Familiar forever changed that naive little girl, opening her eyes to the world beyond ours and to the hidden talents we all possess.

That little girl was me.

This is the true story of an average child, growing up in an average community in very unusual circumstances. For the ghost hunter in all of us, I share with you the events that have helped to shape my life.

Although the house still stands today and has been sold more times than the average home over the years, the recent owners seem to have changed the look of it significantly and I have yet to see a "for sale" sign on the lawn, I was hopeful that the spirits that resided there in 1979 have at last found their rest.

I have since heard from someone who had a frightening experience while driving by the house this year. So the activity appears to be continuing...

I learned a lot about my past by writing this book, and consequently understand my future a little better.

The main character's name is Virginia. That's no accident. I felt it was pretentious to give myself a fake name, although I changed the names of my family members to protect their privacy.

Hauntingly Familiar is now released in various ebook versions at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/164950

and paperbacks are available for purchase at http://www.amazon.com/Hauntingly-Familiar-Virginia-Renaud/dp/0988068818/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348084166&sr=8-1&keywords=hauntingly+familiar

or you can get a signed copy from me!

I welcome any and all questions. you can find me on Twitter at VirginiaPivot.