Apr 27, 2012

Just posted the first four chapters!

Hi everyone,
I feel an obligation to all of you who are waiting for this book to be published and I thank you for your continued interest and support. As a thanks to all of you and a peace offering (I know I promised to have it done in April and now it's nearly May) please enjoy the first four chapters, by clicking on "sneak peek of Hauntingly Familiar" in the side bar. It is listed as a separate page.
Enjoy and please let me know what you think. Comments are enabled, you don't need a google ID to post.
Thank you - Virginia

Apr 17, 2012

Almost there

Wow is there a lot to do! I never realized that publishing your own book was so time consuming, but here it is, deep into April and I haven't got a publishing date for you! Yikes! I did promise it would be April, and I'm really working hard on getting it released...really I am.
I am working with a very talented photographer for the front cover of Hautingly Familiar, who happens to also be family! Sue Renaud is my sister-in-law and when she isn't busy being a great Mom to my adorable nephews, she is busy snapping photos. I saw the first proof today...it sent shivers down my spine. It took me back to 1979, which is where our story begins.
I can honestly say that I got tears in my eyes when I saw that photo. I know you're gonna love it!
Sneak peek will happen once I've finished coding.

So here's the list:
*Keep in mind that the second and third readings will hopefully be done at the same time.
1) First reading- done
2)Changes from first reading - almost done
3) Second reading - by a fellow Author... yikes! Are you ready Martin? How fast can you read?
4) Third reading and hard core editing - Erin, that's you! Be brutal, I can take it...
5) Changes from both second and third readings.
6) Coding entire manuscript for E-book format (Being done simultaneously while all these others are busy reading and commenting.
7) Submission to Publisher for vetting. (They will run it through their automated program looking for style errors and stuff that will make it look weird when it's on an e-reader or i-pad)
8) If and when it passes that, I will apply to have the book be included in the Smashwords' Premium catalogue which is shipped to Barnes and Noble, Indigo, Sony, Apple, etc. so people who like to read on their Kindle, iPad, Nook, iPhone, Sony Reader, or Kobo can download my book!
9) Once I see how e-book sales are going, I will of course, begin the next phase, which is to have some trade paperback copies printed and shipped. I will keep you all updated on this long list of things to get done.
So as it turns out, writing the book is the easy part!! Lol!
Stay Tuned...