About Me

Virginia Renaud
AKA "Jinny", "buddy" (but only to my best friend, Sherry), "Jin", "V", "Ginger", "Mom", "you grasshopper", "oh deaf one" and last but certainly not  least, "Gingerbread".
Whew! That was a long list...who knew I had so many aliases!

I was born in Richmond B.C in 1969. Yes, I know I am over 40 now and yes, I realize it's official.

I live in Mission B.C. with my husband, two kids, three cats and two dogs. (I have narrowly avoided the partridge in a pear tree, as you can see, but I do have two LOUD cockatiels who live outside when the weather permits!)

I trained in the Journalism program at Kwantlen College in Richmond, a very long drive, since I lived in Langley, B.C. at the time. I faithfully drove my car (an embarassing piece of metal I nick-named the 'mega-vega') back and forth amongst the traffic, swearing and nail-biting the whole way, until my servitude ended and my professors pronounced me graduated. (I think they may have added other sarcastic comments, but you don't need to know about those.)

I began my writing career as a hopeful journalist at the tender age of twenty. I was sent to fires, car accidents, picket lines, local concerts and boring City Council meetings where they endlessly debated the benefit of increasing the number of traffic lights. I also sat through hours of School Board meetings and then had to come up with something cintillating for the next day's issue of the paper. yes, seriously, this was my job! Wow, I'm glad those days are behind me, but I sure did learn a lot about the business of writing.

For those who haven't guessed yet, I am Canadian. I was born here and I hope to always live in British Columbia. It's nice and green here, although the powers that be could turn up the sunshine just a bit...please?

My two kids are aged 16 and 22. My oldest is a Disney fanatic with an appalling ability to re-program computers in the blink of an eye... he has Autism Spectrum Disorder and is often about 5 steps ahead of the other adults in his life! My youngest is a beautiful teenager and an accomplished Irish Dancer. She is technologically advanced, of course, and an uncanny ability to win any argument...
makes a mom proud. My kids are both beginning to pursue their own lives in the adult world, which is scary and awesome, all at the same time.

I am interested in playing piano(I took lessons as a kid); writing - of course-; Irish dancing, yes I do it too, just not as well as my daughter;swimming; playing tennis; advocating for people with special needs; building things with wood (I love power tools!);talking, and researching the paranormal, because I find it fascinating.

I believe in the power of the written word, that everyone has the right to be heard, and that teenage girls have no volume control!

Something amazing about my interest in the paranormal is that, since those days in the haunted farmhouse that is the subject of my first book, I have been drawn to ghosts! Or, as one of my brother-in-laws noted not long ago, perhaps they were drawn to me!
Well, readers, you can make up your own mind.