Jan 13, 2013

Calling all ghost hunters!

Calling all Ghost Hunters! Are you addicted to reality TV where Dave Tango and the rest of the TAPS team search for evidence of the paranormal? If so, I invite you to try out

 It's a Paranormal Thriller, set in 1979 in rural British Columbia. If you love ghost stories and you prefer those that are based in fact, then Hauntingly Familiar is the one you've been waiting for.
Hauntingly Familiar is a paranormal YA thriller. It's the story of a young girl whose family move results in a challenge of paranormal proportions. Ginny, a precocious nine-year-old, makes the move with her family into an up-scale home complete with a swimming pool, room for horses ...and a resident ghost!
Something is haunting their new home and while Ginny's family refuses to acknowledge the problem, the inquisitive 9 year old looks for answers on her own, exploring her new house and property. Enter Bobby, a six-year-old looking for a friend. Ginny, feeling isolated and unappreciated, quickly accepts his offer of friendship and soon, the two are inseparable. But her family's steadfast refusal to accept him leaves her puzzled; their reference to "imaginary friends" ludicrous! As the paranormal activity increases, her family retreats from the obvious connection. It's a theory no one wants to hear.
It all seems like a minor inconvenience to Ginny until an accidental discovery of a photo on the neighbour’s wall reveals a truth so awful she can't ignore it. The boy her family called imaginary was real … or at least he used to be.

The best part of this story is that it is based in fact. This is my story. You'll note the similarity in the main character's name. Ginny is the short form of my name that I am known by in my family.
This is my story. I hope you enjoy it!
Want a copy? 
In print and Kindle e-book  via Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Hauntingly-Familiar-Virginia-Renaud/dp/0988068818/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358110146&sr=8-1&keywords=Hauntingly+Familiar
For viewing with apple products, go to https://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/hauntingly-familiar/id543047691?mt=11
For all other versions, visit my e-Publisher at "Smashwords" http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/164950