Nov 1, 2014

Sneak Peek at Possessions: A Paranormal Thriller

Possessions: A Paranormal Thriller

Virginia Renaud

Copyright 2014©Virginia Renaud    All Rights reserved.


Have you ever shared a ghost story with your friends?
Many people have.
Ever notice how folks react?
Disbelief. Horror. Skepticism.
It's a familiar story: New house, strange noises, shadowy figures seen out of the corner of our eyes, negativity that changes our behaviour.
Most people have either told or been told these tales around a quiet campfire as the embers burn low.
People like to be afraid. If only just a little.
But what they can't know, unless they've lived it, is how it feels to live with a poltergeist.
The unmistakeable sound of someone moving up an empty staircase toward you. It turns your skin cold, and all you can do is stare. Your eyes tell you no one's there, but your ears say differently. I don't care who you are, it's frightening. Even the bravest person would take an involuntary step back.
Happening once, it's an oddity.
But every day? You start to doubt your own senses and look for a way out.
If this thing can make noises, you ask yourself, if it can manipulate the objects in my home, can it touch me or my children? Can it hurt us? Would it want to?
We didn't talk about it to anyone. How could we, when we wouldn't even admit it to ourselves?

No one wants to be labelled crazy. 
Congratulations! You made it through another damp, dark Halloween! Maybe you loaded up on candy, went trick-or-treating yourself, or perhaps you curled up with a paranormal thriller or watched a scary movie!
Whatever you chose, hope you were happy and safe.
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Aaah, Halloween. Proving once again, that most people like to be scared. At least a little.