Jul 20, 2010

Wow...I'm blogging!

This is new for me, composing a blog to tell people I don't know all about me...hmm.

Well, for starters, I am currently submitting queries for my finished manuscript, called Hauntingly Familiar. It's a paranormal adventure story about a girl who grows up in a haunted house. The girl is me at twelve years old and now, nearly thirty years later, I've finally had the courage to write it. (Besides, my parents have assured me that I won't get in trouble for anything they may learn once they read this thing...lol.)

It was a compelling time in my life and even now, my parents are hot and cold about it. My mother constantly frustrates me with her comments. They range from, "Oh yeah, I remember that, I was so frightened at the time..." to annoying lapses in her memory that go like this: "Oh bull! I don't remember anything like that. I think you must be making all this up. Good thing it's called 'fiction'."