Sep 15, 2012

Calling all Book Shops!! Halloween is coming fast!

Hello everyone,
For those of you who have followed along occasionally, I would like to ask a favour of you. Could you please help me spread the word to the book shops, both large and small about Hauntingly Familiar? It's a great little read with exceptional value. It's not gorey, it's not a how-to manual for practicing anything dark and sinister. It's simply a re-counting of a very unusual time in my life when I lived in haunted house. This is a fact-based story.
If you want to read a good ghost story that flows well and will send shivers up and down your backbone, then this is it! Hauntingly Familiar will draw you in with it's fast-moving story-line, lifelike characters and believable dialogue (so my readers tell me).
Please ask your local bookseller to order some copies through or contact me directly at and I'll talk with them about getting the book onto their shelves.
Together we can have a HAUNTINGLY FAMILIAR Halloween!